Roah Cosmetics and Lashes - Eyelash Extensions in Elk Grove CA 95624

About us

Located at a beautiful corner in Elk Grove, CA 95624, Roah Cosmetics and Lashes is a beauty Lash Lounge for everyone, as we always try our best to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Lash Lounge takes pride in providing our valued customers good services and top-high quality products as well as materials. You can find a variety of services, from Classic to Hybrid Full set. At Roah Cosmetics and Lashes, a wide choice is provided to customers, so you can use any services that you like. All of our services are at decent prices, so there is no hesitation when you use one or even more services at our Lash Lounge.

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 Salamatu D

I love this store, I always buy my wholesale lashes for my client. I am a makeup artist. The owner is so pleasant and very helpful whenever I go to her store. She is very professional. I love her customer service.



Mildred R

I highly recommend getting your lashes done by Fi. She takes her time and ensures that her work reflects the look you were wanting to achieve. This was my first time getting a volume set and she really took the time to go over everything with me from length, shape, thickness, and overall care. I am definitely satisfied with the overall look and will be coming back to her for future lash fills/sets. she does amazing work! Thanks, Fi!



Gemma L

Fi does an amazing job! She knows what she's doing and talks to you about what she's doing. I've gone to others in the past that haven't done a great job by using cluster lashes instead of individuals which ruin the outcome and how long your lashes stay. I highly recommend this place for quality individual lashes!